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Bringing innovative eHealth solutions to healthcare providers

A platform built for healthcare applications, providers and systems taking away barriers for digital innovation with just a single integration.

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Trusted by leading companies around the world

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Drive digital transformation with Founda Health

Integrating applications with healthcare providers is complex and takes enormous amounts of time. Rolling out new solutions and initiatives is therefore hard and often met with resistance. Founda takes away these barriers so that everyone can access digital innovations and start improving processes for doctors and care for patients.

Drive digital transformation with Founda Health

Save time on integrations

Integrating new eHealth applications typically takes more than a year. Founda can make it happen within weeks

Access to innovation

Our platform gives any party access to a wide variety of innovative eHealth applications with just a single integration

Reduce integration complexity

Step away from integrating and maintaining complex point-to-point connections by integrating once with our platform

"Founda acts as a real partner, not just as a tech startup. They think along with us and build easily our functional requests into their platform."

Ramona Bruins - Project Lead at Treant Zorggroep


Access the innovative eHealth applications your hospital needs

Integrate and maintain applications quickly and in a cost-effective manner, allowing your doctors to fully focus on their patients whilst making your IT department happy with a single point of overview

See how we benefit hospitals

Deliver your application to multiple hospitals around the globe

You want to grow, but integrating with hospitals and EHRs is complex, especially on a local level. Benefit from scale with a single, re-usable integration into the Founda platform

See how we help applications

Offer your customers a fully integrated eHealth application store

Building and maintaining integrations is complex, but your customers are demanding more. Integrate with Founda once and offer your customers everything our platform has to offer

See how we help systems

Become part of the Founda Ecosystem.

Join Us. to enable collaboration and innovation in healthcare. More than 40 innovative healthcare applications partnered up with Founda Health already.

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How we do things


Easy-to-use API. Not all APIs are created equal. Our documentation encourages developers to use it and makes the integration with the Founda platform quick and efficient.  Documentation


Security & Compliance. We enable care workers to share information where and when they need to without any compromise to the safety, security and confidentiality of patient’s sensitive data. Security at Founda

How we do things

Meet Founda Health: Arturo

Meet Founda Health: Arturo

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5 voorbeelden van eHealth oplossingen in Nederland

5 voorbeelden van eHealth oplossingen in Nederland

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OpenAPI: A step-by-step solution

OpenAPI: A step-by-step solution

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Start integrating with Founda Health today. Send us a message.

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